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Sports Fitness Program- Cardio Strength & Physical Training

Sports Fitness Program

We design Sports Fitness Program to prepare athletes for the physical demands of competition. Physical fitness for one sport is not the same as for another. They mean that training activities must closely simulate the specific nature of each athletic contest.

The benefits of physical training for athletes include

  • Less fatigue and quicker recovery
  • Reduced muscle soreness,
  • Ability to practice longer,
  • Fewer injuries and faster recovery from them,
  • Greater confidence

To best match these demands, programs are built to target fitness components such as muscular strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, muscular endurance, and energy fitness. A well-devised sport-specific program also integrates motor (movement) efficiency to develop coordination--another performance-related component of fitness. Strength-targeted training improves joint stability, increases muscle size, and contributes to power development.

How do cardio-based programs help you develop?

Cardio-based programs develop:

  • Improved use of fat for energy,
  • Increased muscle size to exert greater force,
  • Improved blood flow,
  • Greater lung capacity,
  • Increased size of the heart to pump more blood in one stroke,
  • Better coordination,
  • Stronger bones, ligaments, and tendons to reduce injuries.

Ideally, there is enough time to develop a periodized program with several phases and cycles that allow more time for the athlete to make substantial improvements. To further boost each athlete's success, individual differences also require appropriate adjustments as we at Körperkraft Medicare Centre identify the athlete's strengths and areas for improvement.

How our program helps you to lead an active lifestyle?

Our program focuses on injury prevention and performance enhancement. That is, we immerse the participants in a large variety of activities so they develop an understanding of their abilities. Personal physical activity behaviors and fitness are to learn through regular participation in daily activity. Develop an understanding of the concepts related to active and healthy behaviors. It is not enough to be active without understanding the reasons for being active and healthy. This understanding requires the knowledge of anatomical and mechanical principles of skill performance. We also believe that physical activity alone does not result in a healthy lifestyle. We will also have lessons in nutrition and opportunities to learn how to prepare healthy snacks and meals. One of the primary objectives of our program is to help the sportsman to develop motor skills so as they can improve their muscular strength that involves the training of all the muscles involved in the movement at the same time.

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