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Corrective Exercise | Spine Care Clinic Near NCR Korperkraft

Corrective Exercise

Körperkraft Medicare Centre is the no. one spine care clinic near you, offering comprehensive evaluation and rehabilitation of patients with a wide range of conditions that affect the spine, through an evidence-based, systemic, and all-inclusive approach. We know each patient we serve is facing a unique challenge in terms of discomfort and disability. We are having an experienced team of specialists, advanced technology, expert evaluation, and an extensive range of physiotherapy services for the people of entire ages, helping them to maximize their ability to move and function. To find the spine care you need close to home; rely on Körperkraft Medicare Centre experts. The Spine Care team implements therapy suited to individual patient's needs, including minimally invasive, pain-reducing, recovery-accelerating procedures for a range of orthopedic and neurological conditions affecting the spine and spinal cord. We design an exercise program that is safe, effective and has a low risk of injury for each patient. We work with physical therapists to help them to draw an exercise plan for each patient. These are programs of spine-safe strengthening, flexibility training, and training in the ways to use the spine properly at rest, at work, and play. The therapist evaluates the patient to set the best initial goals and then sees the patient regularly to increase the exercise regimen when the patient is ready.

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