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Orthopedics | Physical Therapeutic Treatments

Online Physiotherapy Consultation

As India is fighting with the rising population of COVID-19, social distancing is the need of the hour. More people are working from home leading to stress, as you need to manage your health. Being at home includes long working hours, which means a lot of pain, so it is the best time to focus on living a pain-free life. Start Körperkraft Medicare Centre’s Online Physiotherapy Consultation now.

How we work-

Live video with our doctors includes assessment, diagnosis, and prescriptions whenever necessary.
Why choose our online physiotherapy service?
During this rat race, we forget about our health, so our online physiotherapy consultation allows you to meet with the doctors virtually as it is similar to have a face to face meeting with the doctor. Instead of waiting for the long queue and scheduled appointments, we allow you to fix a time slot over a video call and clear all the doubts, questions, or get clarifications as and when the need arises.
Enjoy the On-Demand Physiotherapy from the Home
With our experts at Körperkraft Medicare Centre, you can address backaches, joint pains, and old injuries that you have been ignoring for so long. We are available to help you and recover during this crucial time of COVID-19. Here you will be able to address many niggles, aches, and pain sitting at home so that you rejoin work feeling healthy and rejuvenated.
After having face-time with our experts, you will find that you are more productive after diligently performing the exercises customized by our health experts to treat and cure all your health issues. You will be virtually pain-free by the time you return to your office.


Are you experiencing musculoskeletal injury or pain? All you need to do is schedule an online appointment with us. Our doctors will share a screen with you and evaluate you via video conferencing and devise a self-care plan for you, which will include an exercise plan and pain management.
In case you are already a patient, but this pandemic prevents you from keeping your appointments with your doctors, use our online physiotherapy consultation to ensure there are no stoppages in the road of recovery.
At Körperkraft Medicare Centre, you can enjoy convenient, safe, and secure physiotherapy sessions that are conducted by our experienced & qualified experts. So, schedule your appointment today and make the best use of this lockdown.
Video Consultation is available on Skype, Zoom Call, or WhatsApp Video Call. Before that, you need to book your appointment.


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Outside India- Paypal / Bank Transfer

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