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Healthy Joint Care for Bones and Muscles- Korperkraft

Joint Care

It is the golden rule of Joint Health: The more you move, the less stiffness you will have. Whether you're reading, working, or watching TV, change positions often. Catch breaks from your desk or your chair and get active.

What are some tips for healthy joints?

Know your limits

After you perform the exercise, it is common to have some muscle aches. Yet if you've been suffering for over 48 hours you may have overdone it. Next time don't press too hard. Working through the pain may cause harm or injury.

Power up your core

Stronger muscles in the abs and the back support the balance. This means you have less risk of falling or being hurt. Add core (abdominal, back, and hip) to the routine and reinforce the exercises. Pilates and yoga are perfect activities to carry out.

Work on your range

Are your joints too rigid? You'll want to get back as much mobility as you can. "That's the usual amount a joint can shift in other ways. Our experts at Körperkraft Medicare Centre will prescribe some exercise for you that can help you to get it where it should be.

Flex some muscles

Get stronger to provide more protection for your joints. Just a little more power does make a difference. A physiotherapist or professional trainer at Körperkraft Medicare Centre should be able to teach you what exercises to do and how to do it. When you have joint issues, stop repeated, fast movements.

Keep your bones strong

Calcium and Vitamin D can help. Dairy products are the best sources of calcium, but other options are green, leafy vegetables like broccoli and kale. If you don't get enough calcium from food, we also provide recommendations for supplements

Ease your load

Take care of your joints when you lift and carry. Hang bags on your arms instead of your hands. That lets your bigger muscles and joints support the weight.

Target your posture

Stand and sit up straight to protect joints from your neck down to your knees. A walk can improve your posture, too. The faster you go, the harder your muscles work to keep you upright.

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