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Physical Fitness & Physiotherapy Clinic NCR Delhi

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The physiotherapist role becomes crucial in helping individuals to get healed and relieved from major and minor pains and injuries. Not only treatment helps the patients get relief from their issues but it also prevents them from being susceptible to any other kinds of pain or injuries. Our regime includes manual treatment by the physiotherapist, stability training, sport-injury rehabilitation, exercise medicine, functional training, resistance training, and lots more. We ensure that patients can regain back their normal physical health, along with protecting them from any future injury.

A healing solution as well as a fitness therapy

Physiotherapy has always worked as a crucial solution for many patients who are suffering from any injury or pain. We treat your pain by taking into consideration the other factors as well. Other than therapeutic exercises, our experts will recommend regular low-impact aerobics like brisk walk and swimming. All these exercises will release endorphins, the natural painkiller of your body as well as keeping you fit and active. Some of our therapeutic exercises are for a prescribed period while some are useful for the long run. We guide the population to use physical activity to keep active and keep healthy. The Experts at Körperkraft have specific knowledge of body functions, movement, specific exercise, and activation with the effect of disease and disability on function are central in prescribing exercise. Often time, pain & loss of function are the most common reasons for people to come to our physiotherapy center. After a detailed analysis and assessment, we find ‘Is there any need for the person to exercise?’

Why Choose Us?

Körperkraft Medicare Centre is versed in all kinds of facilities. Our experts have relevant skills to provide individualized and group exercise programs daily, based upon assessment, from which our physiotherapist focus on

  • Type of activities
  • Patient’s age factor
  • The current level of fitness
  • The current injuries and diseases
  • Degree of load and intensity following an individual’s need & ability.

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