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Orthopedics | Physical Therapeutic Treatments

Corporate Physio by Korperkraft

Corporate Physio by Korperkraft is here for your help and to keep your workforce feel alive. We are open and ready to help you all. We are strictly following our hygiene routines & still here to support you and our community at this difficult time.
Keeping in mind social distancing importance, the need of the hour is your pain & comfort. It is not necessary if your role does not require physical labor you cannot injure yourself at work. However, corporate employees also suffer from the problems caused due to physical inactivity, hectic lifestyle, desk job & long sitting hours, and other factors too. We are aware of the hard work they show during their working hours. Companies who take care of the employees are likely to have higher staff retention and a team that is highly connected to the company and working towards the organizational goals. That is the sign of more positivity leading to productive business with the ability to beat their competitors.
Despite the work pressure provided by employers, problems like – Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSDs) is the major problem seen amongst the youngsters these days. We recognize that work is usually good for health & well being. To reduce the level of sickness absence, staff morale up, and improve the goodwill of the company, we are here for you with our Corporate Physio by Korperkraft. Now it has become crucial to identify the health benefits of being at work is for any organization and to make sure that the health of the employee is also important, by providing the necessary support whenever they need.
On-Site Physiotherapy in our Corporate Physio by Koperkraft has a grateful impact on both employers and employees. The main benefits of it are:


Prevention is generally associated with a problem like MSDs. It has an active role in enhancing employee well-being management. We have an in-depth knowledge of the strain caused by bad-working habits and contributing factors, leading to the development of musculoskeletal problems amongst employees. As well as, on-site therapy is a very cost-effective measure for an employer who is keen to reduce problems like MSDs in an organization. With the direct assistance given by Korperkraft Experts helps in the prevention of potential problems for individuals.
Remember, early treatment helps to resolve the problem quickly. Investing in the health of an employee by providing them high-quality services at our medicare centre will always lead to better outcomes, reduces further treatment, and therefore reduces costs.
In addition to physiotherapy treatment, we can provide sessions that include posture training, benefits of medicine exercise that can be done every day before going to work, and workplace ergonomics.

Accessible Treatment

We understand the company culture, as we have associated with many companies. We have tailored our physiotherapy treatment & rehabilitation according to the client’s needs. We avoid lengthy exercise programs that include long hours that are not suitable for those who are working in a fast-paced environment. We are offering services according to the lifestyle of an employee. The appointments can be arranged during their working schedule. That means less worry to book an appointment outside of work hours.
Less Investment & Higher Results Providing on-site physiotherapy is very cost-effective for employers at our Korperkraft Medicare Centre. We charge a minimal amount of consultation fees that an employee can self-pay. We have various ways of booking an appointment that includes both online & offline both, which are very easy to access for employees. Corporate Physio by Korperkraft shows a commitment of making your staff healthy and well being at a less cost, which may help employers towards the recruitment and retention of talented employees in the company. This will leads to boost productivity. Thus, looking at your team around you is healthy & happy is itself a crucial business success. And with this in mind, prevention and accessibility to treatment both are highly valuable to both employers and employees.
We work on certain things like solving the issues by the understanding of which workplace habit is causing problems and measures you can take to avoid this. Here, our experts could help you in the identification of employee’s problems and provide the short term and long term both treatment whichever is necessary. If you would like to talk to us about setting up on-site physiotherapy from our Corporate Physio by Korperkraft, we are happy to chat and tell you in detail.

Our Corporate Physio by Korperkraft includes-

  • On-Site Physiotherapy
  • Workplace Ergonomics Assessments
  • Wellness Programs
  • Fitness Classes – Both Onsite & Offsite available
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Medical Consultation
  • Exercise Medicine

Our Areas of Expertise

Physical therapists at Korperkraft Medicare Centre are trained in all areas and can help patients to start on the road to recovery early in the injury. Our area of expertise includes-

  • Workplace Injury Rehabilitation
  • Prescribed Exercise for injury prevention or recovery
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Posture Training
  • Workplace Ergonomics Assessments
  • Exercise Medicine
  • Functional Training
  • Sports Physiotherapy

Our Off-Site Assistance

In addition to the available on-site physiotherapy, we also offer off-site assistance that will help your employees to get treated in the best manner. Your working staff can receive a wide range of services similar to the on-site physiotherapy. It includes rehabilitation programs and specialized assessments.

Get the best assistance from Korperkraft Medicare Centre ~ Best Physiotherapy Centre in Ghaziabad, which always helps in optimizing your employee’s health and productivity, please give a call on +91-9811677160 to book an appointment with us.

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