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Theraband Exercises to Improve Posture
Theraband Exercises to Improve Posture

Now a day, it’s tough to find the right posture, look around yourself and you will find how the majority of people are spending their time sitting at a single posture for so long hours. This COVID-19 pandemic has made us rely more on the digital medium. Students are hunching over a tablet or laptop for attending their classes, the young generation is more into mobile phones texting their boss and colleagues. Teenagers are spending their days in bed and relaxing with Netflix. Most of the adults are working for long hours sitting on the desk.
All of these activities require a lot of hard work and lead to rounded shoulders, backaches, and neck pain. Sometimes muscular imbalances while doing these activities can cause injury. There are many ways to reverse these damages. Our experts at Körperkraft Medicare Centre will help you with some of the theraband exercises to improve posture.
Muscle imbalances are a common problem in the human upper body. Here are some theraband exercises at our Physiotherapy Centre in Ghaziabad, which will be an excellent support to your neck and shoulders.
Our aim is Fit India, as many of us are doing work from home. So, 2-3 sessions per week and total will take 8-12 weeks of training is required to build capacity and notice a positive difference.

Do you want a personalized assessment of your posture and management plan set up? Please, contact our team by booking your sessions in our easy online booking system mentioned below to schedule an appointment.

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